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Do you have several garage door questions? Here you will have the chance to find the answers

What are the advantages of screw drive garage door openers?

These openers offer two main advantages when compared to chain drive garage door openers. One advantage is the smoothness of operation. Screw drives are relatively fixed so free movement is greatly minimized. Also, they are significantly quieter since they don’t have chains that create noises every time the door opens or closes.

What to do if your garage door remote fails?

Troubleshooting garage door remote controls is fairly easy. One of the most common problems is the obstacle on the sensor. Clean the sensor first and try the remote again. Replace the battery if it still refuses to work. Our troubleshooting experts say that if your opener is a popular brand, like a Chamberlain or LiftMaster, it shouldn’t be difficult getting a replacement remote.

Can my cables be repaired?

Your cables can be repaired in some cases. They will have to be reattached to the door by our garage door specialist. They have the training necessary to properly handle the balancing of your door once the cables have been repaired.

What maintenance and care is necessary for my steel garage door?

Our recommendation is to wash your door at least once a year with a small amount of detergent mixed with water, using a sponge, brush or well-soaked cloth. A thorough visual inspection should also be performed each year to check the springs and cable for binding and wear. Mechanical parts should be properly lubricated including the hinges, springs, pulleys, and rollers to maintain their effectiveness. Give us a call and our technicians will be glad to provide this service every year so your home's garage door stays in perfect condition.

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