Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

How about learning more about us so you can trust us? Our clients' testimonials are the best way

Emergency Residential Garage Door Service

If you are looking for professional help with installations, repairs, broken spring replacements or upgrades on practically any opener product on the market, and want to know who you can trust, take a look at our customer testimonials of our services.

Fast on Emergencies

“I am used to service technicians being late for appointments – be it with the cables, my computer, the plumbing, and so on. Which is why I was horrified to find my garage door wide open in the evening. Where was I going to find a company that could make it without leaving it for tomorrow? Luckily I contacted Garage Door Repair in Compton and they sent someone right away. He was friendly and my door was in perfect working order. I was quite grateful to have stumbled across such a reliable emergency garage door company, and if I ever have another problem, I will definitely call them again.”

Quiet Rollers

"My overhead door had started to make popping sounds during opening and closing and this was very frustrating. I chose this company to fix it after my neighbor recommended them. It took minutes for the technician to discover that the garage door rollers were completely worn. He offered two options - metal or nylon wheels. I picked the second one because the nylon rollers did not need lubrication maintenance like the metal ones. The tech got the parts from his van and installed them on the spot. The door operates smoothly and quietly now. I will certainly hire Garage Door Repair in Compton again, if the need arises as I am more than happy with their service."



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