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With expertise in both types of garage door springs, the professionals at our company in California offer extension and torsion spring adjustment, repair, replacement and installation services

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There are extension and torsion garage door springs. Each type is installed at a different part of the door, but they both do the same job, which is to lift the door once they counterbalance it. Most home doors carry one torsion spring, which is installed at the header. There is a shaft that runs through the spring and is connected to the cable drums. Once the torsion spring unwinds, it creates torque and the movement is passed from the shaft to the cable, which is wound around the drum.

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Extension garage door springs come in pairs of two and most residential doors only need one pair. They are installed parallel to the horizontal tracks and at the two sides of the door. Their coils extend and contract to balance and move the door. Both types of springs are under enormous tension, especially when the door is closed. Spring size varies since it is related to the size and weight of the door. The wrong sized springs will create problems,which is why you can and shouldreach out to our company when choosing new springs,need a spring replacement, or any other related garage door repair services.

Torsion spring shaft

There is a metal rod passing through the torsion springs called shaft. It keeps the spring in place and is connected to the cable drums at both sides. When the spring winds and unwinds, torque is applied to the shaft and is then transferred to the drums and so the cables wrap around them pulling the door to open it. The shaft is secured at the two sides with end bearing plates.

Extension spring safety cables 

These are special cables and their installation is optional. Laced through the extension springs, their role is to keep them in place in case they suddenly break. If you want to install safety cables, let our technicians know.

Spring pulleys replacement in Compton

Pulleys are actually round metal plates that are connected to the springs with forks. Pulleys might split in two if their bolt is loose or if the ball bearings are damaged. In this case, they scrape against the angle of the track and might cause the door to jam. Even if only one pulley is damaged, it's preferable to replace all four of them since they all have the same lifespan and the others will soon wear, too. Count on us for their replacement.

Same day spring repairs in Compton

Springs do not work alone. Pulleys, cables, shafts and drums work alongside them so that the door will be pulled up and lowered down.Garage door spring repair services might include the replacement of pulleys or brackets, torsion spring adjustment or releasing tension to balance the door. Since these are all high risk tasks, Garage Door Repair Compton recommends trusting our team for services. Tensed springs can cause serious accidents. In an effort to serve your needs within reasonable timing and help you avoid problems, we offer fast response repairs, adjustment and broken spring replacement.

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